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Quality Westchester Masonry And Window Services

We at Eden Roof Repair Westchester are more than just roofing experts. Our Westchester roof repair professionals also experts at a variety of other skills that are beneficial for a VARIETY of home-improvement projects. Just what are those skills? Well, they include...

westchester cement repairs

Cement Repairs

Cement is a durable material that can add security and VALUE to any home or business. Of course, like anything, your cement can become damaged over time. Should that time come for your cement, don’t lose heart! Just call on the cement repair pros at Eden Roof Repair Westchester, and we’ll get your cement repaired in a jiffy!

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westchester parapet wall repairs

Parapet Wall Repairs

What is a parapet? Yes, it’s an old-timey construction for battle. But it’s also useful nowadays, as modern-day parapets are installations that help to prevent you from falling off your flat roof. Should your parapet be damaged, you could be in a dangerous situation indeed. To get your flat roof back into the safest condition possible, just call up Eden Roof Repair Westchester for a quality parapet repair!

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westchester brick repairs and replacement

Brick Repairs & Replacement

Brick is beautiful. Brick is long-lasting. Brick is valuable. Brick is . . . breakable. Like anything, your brick can become damaged over time because of wear, age, or accidents. Should your home’s brick become too busted up to be beautiful anymore, don’t bemoan your circumstances -- just call up Eden Roof Repair Westchester for a quick brick repair or replacement!

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westchester window lintels and sills replacement

Window Lintels & Sills Replacement

Your window lintels and sills are beautiful, but did you know they’re also useful? After all, they provide structure and protection from the rain, respectively. Did you also know that, like anything, they can become damaged? They can. But that’s okay. They can also be FIXED -- just by calling up the pros at Eden Roof Repair Westchester!

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westchester stucco


Do you like saving money? And do you like it when major parts of your home last for a long time -- as in “half a century” long? If so, then stucco is right for you! It can save you money on your heating and cooling bills thanks to stucco’s energy-efficient design, and as it lasts for upwards of 50 YEARS, you can continue to enjoy that financial draw for many DECADES to come!

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westchester facade work

Facade Work

Just as one’s face can make or break your first impression of them, one’s home can ALSO make or break your impression of someone. And to be sure your home makes only the best (and most ACCURATE) impression of you, you need to be sure that your facade is made to reflect you in the best way possible. And to do that, be sure to call on Eden Roof Repair Westchester for quality facade work!

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westchester scaffold work

Scaffold Work

We’ve all seen scaffolding: It’s that skeletal structure that construction workers use when doing work on the upper levels of a structure. Did you know, though, that scaffolding can save you MONEY? After all, scaffolding can expedite upper-level jobs. If you want your home’s higher parts worked on on a dime, then you can’t go wrong by calling up Eden Roof Repair Westchester for quality scaffold work!

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If you are looking for any of our masonry, window or other services, then please call our Westchester roof repair and siding specialists at (914) 340-3030 or complete our online request form.